SAP® System Services

New SAP® Plant Maintenance Implementations

We setup SAP® Plant Maintenance Implementations and the associated Work Processes with a focus on quality and sustainability using our:

  • In-Depth SAP Knowledge
  • Sustainable System Implementation Methodology (SSIM) & Roadmap
  • Maintenance Improvement Experience
  • Standard Documentation
  • Advanced Software Solutions and Reports

We also focus our attention on:

  • Client Requests and Concerns
  • Overall Strategy
  • Goals and Objective


SAP PM System Optimization

We review and optimize your systems to match your maintenance work processes, optimizing exiting and adding any missing functionality.

Most SAP PM/EAM systems are configured with a main focus on only a few key transactions. The remainder of the system is normally set up incorrectly or is overlooked, making it difficult for users to navigate the system and use it efficiently. To successfully configure and use you SAP PM/EAM, consider the following:

  • Activate and configure advanced transactional functions to extend current work-process capability
  • Develop and maximize your users’ navigational capabilities
  • Establish custom reports to allow advanced management and trending capabilities for enhanced visibility and control of the workload and organizational activities

Too often, when SAP is initially implemented, the implementation is IT driven and little consideration is given to workflow. The users have to adapt their way of working to the system instead of the system supporting the organization. We work with you to optimize your maintenance workflow and ensure that your SAP system supports the efficient execution of maintenance work.