SAP-PM ® Software & EAM Software by Quadro Solutions

Business Focused Solutions

We help manufacturing companies integrate SAP® with their reliability & maintenance workflow. Cohesive dashboards and reports, placed within SAP, incorporate critical information into one place, making it is easy to seamlessly act upon any item requiring attention.

Our software works within SAP and requires no unnecessary interfaces or data extraction. This significantly reduces cost and complications due to incompatibility issues. This also reduces training cost and the need for in-house IT support staff.

Our software solutions have evolved out of over 18 years of SAP consulting and optimization projects. One of the largest issues most of our clients had experienced was to fully integrate SAP into their day-to-day work. This typically takes years of training and coaching at all levels of the organization.

Reduce Your Learning Curve and Training Cost

The use of standard SAP PM software comes with a very steep learning curve, and it is often a challenge for users to remember all the functions that are available within the system. We offer simplified user interfaces to significantly reduce the time spent within the system to execute tasks. This leads to higher overall usage and better overall management of reliability and maintenance workflow.


Quadro Workload Visualizer

The right resources at the right time and the right place:

  • View workload at various organizational levels/work categories
  • Visibility to backlog of maintenance work
  • Ability to allocate the correct number of people to manage work
  • Enables work to turn more quickly
  • Reduce or eliminate deferred maintenance
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Quadro Performance & Compliance Navigator

Accurate decisions based on real-time information:

  • Observe your organization’s performance
  • Get access to key performance measurements and trends
  • Get useful information on-demand, not just meaningless data
  • Analyze information in real-time
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Quadro Cost Analyzer

All costs become apparent and traceable:

  • View cost by equipment, systems, equipment classes/categories
  • View summary trends such as proactive vs. reactive costs
  • Identify equipment with highest cost
  • Check if costs are allocated to the correct equipment
  • In-depth view of actual vs. budget
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QuadroView Interactive Dashboards

Critical information in one place:

  • Reduces SAP PM training time
  • Fast navigation
  • Simplifies SAP transactions
  • Supports workflow
  • Review workloads
  • Review weekly performance
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