Quadro Cost Analyzer

You just got a report that you maintenance costs are over budget. Where did the money go? Was the overage due to piping or valves or perhaps pumps? Which equipment are the ‘bad actors’? Were the costs correctly allocated? It usually takes a lot of digging to find this information.Quadro Solutions Cost Analyzer

The Quadro Cost Analyzer gives leadership and reliability engineers insight into reliability and maintenance project costs; expenses as well as capital investment. With the Analyzer, you are able to find the information you need quickly and easily. You can identify which equipment is eating up your budget and identify misallocation of funds. The information can also be used to train your organization as incorrect entries become visible.

Features include:

  • Visibility to cost by
    • Equipment
    • Equipment classes
    • Systems
    • Production Units
    • Cost centers
    • Vendor cost
  • Reduced misallocation of cost
  • Proactive maintenance is fully supported – funds are spent on the right equipment

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