Quadro Performance and Compliance Navigator

Most reliability and maintenance leaders understand that true change only happens when you measure results. Do you know how well your organization is performing on maintenance planning & scheduling compared to company, industry and regulatory standards? Do you have the information at your fingertips or is it fragmented over numerous reports? For some organizations it can take days every month to compile meaningful information into a single report.

The Quadro Performance and Compliance Navigator provides key indicators on demand. These indicators cover the critical aspects of the Maintenance Planning & Scheduling work process, and allow management and leadership to review weekly performance and have access to trends in a matter of minutes. In basic terms, it shows us if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Here are some of the information that can be gained:

  • Real-time trends indicate which problems are evolving
  • Quick view of Key Indicators
    • Break-in work
    • Preventive work
    • Predictive work
    • Overtime
    • Numerous other performance indicators
  • Generate KPI score cards – visual summary of the organization’s status and performance

Used together, these indicators let you see the big picture as well as the specific details you need to make accurate decisions.

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