Quadro-View Interactive Dashboards

Due to international competition, higher productivity is essential and getting your work done on time is increasingly important. With an enhanced focus on reliability and productivity, dealing with a complex CMMS (Computerize Maintenance Management System) doesn’t make things easier.

A planner, for example, may spend a large part of his day planning work, chasing down material, and filling in the blanks on the maintenance work order. It can be very overwhelming when SAP is thrown into the mix. Our software is specifically designed with the user experience in mind.

SAP® PM is a very robust in all that it has to offer in Asset Management, but the hundreds of transaction codes and complex navigation doesn’t make it easy. It can also be a challenge to integrate SAP into your maintenance workflow.

QuadroView Interactive Dashboards bring it all together. These dashboards are designed to consolidate key tasks and indicators into one place. This dramatically shortens the time spent to execute tasks in SAP.

Some of the benefits of working in our dashboards are:

  • Fast navigation
  • Simplified SAP transactions
  • SAP is learnt in a shorter time
  • Key functions and indicators are visible
  • Workloads are easily reviewed
  • Weekly performance is visible
  • On-demand reporting

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