Quadro Workload Visualizer

Your reliability and maintenance leadership, management and planners/schedulers often have an avalanche of work to deal with. Long lists of data make managing resources and crafts for maintenance and reliability projects complicated. The amount of work can be underestimated leading to excess overtime and higher cost, or too many resources could be allocated and cause some of the people to stand idle.

The Quadro Workload Visualizer works within the SAP® PM (Plant Maintenance) module. It offers a clear and concise view of maintenance and reliability workloads and backlogs.

  • Swift answers with easy navigation
  • Manage resource and backlog levels more effectively
  • Minimize open notifications and work orders and keep them up-to-date
  • Increase levels of PPM (PM/PdM) compliance
  • Reduce levels of deferred and break-in maintenance

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