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Our training is focused on educating our students on how to easily manage their work in SAP and to do it in a way that supports the organization’s reliability goals. We explain topics within the context of their use. This means our students understand not only what they need to do, but why. Our methodology enable organizations to reach SAP PM utilization levels and work management compliance of over 90%.

Effective training defined:Cheerful guy sitting in front of desktop computer


Why you are learning this material, what impact does it have and where does it fit into the business landscape?


Content is relevant to your role/responsibility


You participate in the training session


Training is hands-on with case studies and examples


You relate the content to your work


Training is comprehensive with the availability of high-quality documentation and internal support

SAP Plant Maintenance Training

Once they have finished a course, then our students understand how to manage their work effectively, with the knowledge to complete a SAP transaction correctly, where the transaction fits into their work and why they are using this particular transaction.

Courses offered:
  • Introduction and Basic SAP Navigation
  • Technical Object Management
  • Notifications and Work Orders
  • Work Planning
    • Task List Planning
    • Bills of Material
    • Work Order Planning
  • Maintenance Plans: Construction & Management
  • Work Scheduling and Coordination
  • Work Execution and Completion
  • Reporting

Work Management Training

Increasing equipment uptime and reliability is directly related to how efficiently the maintenance and reliability teams are able to respond to issues. We train our clients on how to design a purposeful organization. This design includes creating work processes that reflect the best way for each function to be performed and specific definitions for Roles and Responsibilities.

We help our clients to understand maintenance best practices and train them on how to integrate these practices into their workflow. We create training content around our client’s workflow and incorporate SAP in the material.

Courses offered:
  • Organizational Design, Roles and Responsibilities
  • Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices
  • Business Processes and Workflow Optimization
  • Integration of SAP Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)

Leadership Training

One of the key tasks for any maintenance and reliability leader today is to enable their organization to mature from a reactive to a proactive culture that takes care and ownership of equipment. We train these leaders on which metrics matter the most and how to ensure that accurate data is used to compile the metrics. Our management program includes content on how to use the functionality in SAP to drive improvement and support change.

With the right knowledge and information, our clients understand where to focus their improvement effort to gain the maximum advantage. It all starts, though, with a thorough education in maintenance and reliability best practices and how to use data to guide improvements.

Courses offered:
  • Key Performance Indicators, Metrics, Trending and Scorecards
  • Simplification, Elimination & Automation
  • Maintenance and Reliability Best Practices
  • Maturity and Sustainability of Reliability Driven Maintenance using SAP-PM /EAM
  • Effective Change Management

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